RyDot is a full-service global technology solution company, helping clients succeed in transforming ideas into cutting edge solutions. At RyDot we infuse technology with domain expertise, data, design, to differentiate and disrupt their businesses.

Founded in 2014 as an information technology arm - RyDot InfoTech Limited is a part of USS SpaceTech Group. A cumulative experience of more than 10+ decades gives us unmatched realistic proficiency to solve the most complex challenges of enterprises across all industries and business sector.

Working with the clients and of all shapes and sizes, We have helped businesses increase productivity and lower business risks through our innovative technology solutions. At RyDot, we transform the businesses of our clients through right assessment and deployment of right technology solutions.

With local business operations & partners present in USA, UK, AUSTRALIA and INDIA, RyDot believes in going an extra mile for the clients. We accelerate their digital transformation using RyDot's tech-innovative solution enabling their web, mobile, social media and cutting-edge technologies like BigData, Blockchain, IoT, AI, RPA, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and cloud computing mission. By amalgamating unique approach and traditional methods, RyDot yields the results you are looking for.

To Achieve 100% Customer Satisfaction.

To deliver minimum 90% orders on time.

To achieve ‘Zero Error’ delivery.

To provide customer support within 24 hours.

RYDOT is well-established software company based in Ahmedabad, India. We believe offering business class services in software design and development domain to each customer need unique space on the digital market to sell or buy their business needs. We understand your unique needs and then coming up with your need-based solutions.

Our world-class delivery for business software development and designing services strategy builds on the versatile capability in helping clients perform at their very basic need, so they can produce sustainable value for their clientele. Using versatile industry service experience and capabilities, we categorize ideal business class and build up solutions to help clients around the world:


RYDOT Limited is a company in a flexible environment for a creative solutions process, adjusting as per our clients' requirements. Client centric on time delivery is a prerequisite for projects we undertake.


We belive in: "More simple is more better" "Innovation is a key requirement to continue" "Any cost is not enough for standards"


RYDOT people are the key resources. The company understands synergy and symbiotic culture that establishes a worthwhile legacy within and rubs on the client as our value add, thereby creating rewards worth sharing all across the board.


RYDOT product is the by product of planning and process design, with this focus, quality is guaranteed.

In our journey some of the values we have picked up to ensure quality solutions:

Key Factors

The product must speak for itself, the engineer need not.

Data must transform in real time because yesterdays news does not help today which already owes itself to tomorrow.

Unless the client is intelligent, and he knows what he wants, there is no hope for any knowledge transformation endeavor.

Product excellence is a team effort; the grouping of this team has to be marketing, process, technology materials, human resource and capital with unflinching mutual respect.

Respect the clients treaded path, he knows where he is going, our focus is on the engine, we never reinvent the wheel.

Our Clients