Yesterday, business was relying on gut instincts combined with internal data, not to mention only 10% of traditional MIS was useful to decision making. The focus was to set business goals based on a set of key productive indicators (KPIs) Today,

There is too much data, too much information, both structured and unstructured to sift. This is Big Data, and this is where through Analytics, AI, IoT, we can tune our Business Intelligence to evolve the right KPIs. Only with the right KPIs a Business can Navigate towards Success Now,

Big Data is the biggest game-changing opportunity for all departments of a business since the Internet went mainstream almost 20 years ago. The data big bang has unleashed torrents of terabytes about everything from customer behaviors to weather patterns to demographic consumer shifts in emerging markets. The companies who are successful in turning data into above-market growth will excel at three things:

Using analytics to identify valuable business opportunities from the data to drive decisions and improve marketing return on investment (MROI) Turning those insights into well-designed products and offers that delight customers
Delivering those products and offers effectively to the marketplace

Our Big Data Services

RYDOT BigData Platform

  • Managing Structure & Unstructured Data
  • Data Ingestion From Various Data Sources
  • Data Pre Processing
  • ETL (Extractions, Transformation, Loading), Data Insights
  • Data Searching On Large Number Of Data
  • Data Comparisons, Analytics
  • Custom Dashboards, Power Bi Integration
  • Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Publishing Using Custom Web Templates

Drive Informed Decision Making with Data Differentiators

Multimillion-dollar annual savings realized by a large home appliance store using recommendation. Enhanced Customer Experience resulted in increased revenues.

Hadoop as Complete Data Warehouse Solution

Hadoop gives you the ability to store massive amounts of any kind of data and run several concurrent tasks. It offers you the flexibility you need to utilize all your data assets.

Become a Data Driven Decision Making Enterprise

Realized multimillion dollar annual savings for a large home appliance store by improving. Aggregate and Analyze data from multiple channels and multiple data formats.

Unlock the Power of Data to Revolutionize Marketing

Improvement in campaign targeting for a fashion retailer. Identifying cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. Focused targeting ofrncustomers with customizable.

Managed Big Data Services

In the changing business dynamics, leaders need to go beyond guiding their units. They are called upon to be the change agents and drive the waves of disruption.

Data Analysis Platform

Designed to enhance the efficiency of all data professionals and key decisions makers, Happiest Minds Data Analysis Platform intends to simplify data for all an immutable law what we give, we receive.