Reactive Platform DevOps RYDOT

The RYDOT Team designs and executes DevOps management strategies which mitigates the associated risks, pitfalls and costs of DevOps, while driving delivery of a return on investment and desired business results. Working at broad level with high-growth, market leading organisations, we have a thoughtful, proactive, and pragmatic approach. We share innovation, know-how and work collaboratively to craft bespoke DevOps solutions. Our DevOps operations include strategic leadership, planning and process consulting, combined with the development of DevOps toolchain for the application of life-cycle management, and supporting infrastructure automation and management.

Automated Deployment

Continuously integrate and deploy latest code on production without any hassle or fear with our optimized, well integrated, efficient and highly customized deployment pipelines.

Cluster Management

With our experienced engineers, safely and efficiently configure your reactive services (elasticsearch, Cassandra, etc.) in an instant on production environment with minimal downtime.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Visualize the performance of your infrastructure with our out of the box monitoring integrations. Be notified beforehand and avoid any possible production disaster with optimal and smart threshold setups.

Our Expertise