Technology Trends in IT Equipments

High throughput data empowered Sensors and Internet of Things (IoT)

High performance, graphically enhanced computer systems with Cloud storage for massive computational data exploitation

Computer Vision for advanced visual image processing and integration with Human computing

Animated 3D imagery to present Virtual-Realitye

IoT Platform – Connectivity Managment

  1. Machine Learning
  2. Natural Language Process
  3. Robotics
  4. Augmented Intelligence

Automated Connectivity Management for all your connected devices:

IoT devices: Automate connectivity management and ensure your IoT devices run reliably, securely and cost-efficiently with Control Center for IoT.
Business Mobile Phones & Tablets: Manage and automate the connectivity costs and data usage of employee mobile phones and tablets with Control Center for Mobile Enterprise.
Connected cars: Grow revenue and build brand loyalty with real-time insights and controls to quickly scale and monetize in-car services with Control Center for Connected Cars.

Take control with actionable insights

Real-time aggregated views of device activities help you solve problems faster In-depth analysis of patterns and trends enable better decision making

Insights into device usage and performance to drive service improvements and revenue growth Manage and lower costs

Data Tsunami

Near real-time cost monitoring helps eliminate unpredictable spend and prevent data overage charges
Automate day-to-day connectivity management tasks to reduce manual processes and costs
Turn insights into automated actions to improve service performance and lower operational costs
Protect with enterprise-grade security Multi-layered security prevents unauthorized access to your IoT devices, customer data, and backend systems
Robust controls for device and user authentication and fraud detection
Automated monitoring and security rules protect against breaches from rogue devices and external threats

Ensure service reliability

24/7 visibility and control over device connectivity improves service reliability
Remote diagnostics to quickly spot unusual device behavior and reduce mean-time-to-resolution
Current and historical trends on device behavior to proactively improve service quality


Monitor manufacturing equipment

Improve your processes using industrial IoT. Use sensors and advanced analytics to predict parts need maintenance, reducing unplanned downtime.

Optimise energy use

Connect infrastructures to better regulate traffic, make emergency systems more efficient, and reduce police and EMT response times.

IoT for food service

Increase efficiencies to reduce your operating costs. Monitor quality and safety, improve equipment maintenance, and track supplies.

Monitor patient care

Allow patients to receive care at home where they're most comfortable. With wearable sensors, doctors can remotely track and respond to a patientsu2019 health.

Optimise fleet operations

UStreamline logistics using real-time data and alerts to optimise delivery routes, monitor performance, and quickly respond to delays or issues.

Enable IoT in cars and vehicles

Create innovative IoT-enabled vehicle capabilities and solutions that transform the customer driving experience while bringing valuable insights.