Revel Business Analytics using Your Experiences

Our approach is arriving at an abstract model of a real life business problem that evolves the way forward where decision making is easy. At the core of the model is insights, quantifications of pros and cons in associated with solutions to complex business challenges. Our Business Analytics consultants bring their expertise to engage with your experiences through techniques of data mining, process simulations, optimization, statistical Analysis and forecasting.

We Live In A World Increasingly Driven By Data. How Your Organization Defines Its Data Strategy And Approach—Including Its Choice Of Big Data And Cloud Technologies—Will Make A Critical Difference In Your Ability To Compete In The Future.

Market Research

Track emerging trends, memes and consumer sentiments like positive, negative, neutral etc.

Centralized Analytics

Combine the data of all your social channels in one tool. Revel visualizes the marketing success, presented in a beautiful design.

Competitive Benchmarking

Get valuable competitor insights and data like never seen before. Benchmark online performances of your brand in every possible way.

Content Marketing

Discover and share the right content with the right audience at the right time always


Data governance, Data security, Data transformation, Data Insight, Data Analytics.

Crisis Management

Anticipate crises in your business and brand reputation.

Influencer Targeting

Find the right key influencers in real-time

Customizable Reporting

Automate the reporting of your analysis. Set up customized templates, easily create reports and share them with teams responsible.