Expense Management (CMS)

In dashboard Admin can get Count of Total Employee, Total Count of employee Logged In – today, Total Count Claim raised of Current date, Total Count Of Unresponded Claims which not responded by Reporting Manager,
Total Count of Unresolved 4-days claim from Claim Request date After 4-day Claim reminder goes to Reporting manager, Total Count of Unresolved 7-days claim from Claim Request date After 4 day Claim reminder goes to Next Level manager, Category wise Claims Detail in Pie Chart & Date Wise Claims Detail.

Admin can Add New Employee – Employee details, Profile detail, Bank detail
In Employee Detail -Admin add Employee Id, password, birth date, Employee Type
In Profile Detail – Admin an Add Designation, Department, warehouse, Territory, manager
In Bank Details – Admin Can Add Account No, IFSC Code, Branch Name In list page admin can filter list by different fields and also Download Excel File

In Claim Management admin get List of Claim which raised by employee, admin can check detail of claim, Admin have rights to Approve or Reject claim,
For Approve Claim Admin need to give Re-imbursable Amount and Note
For Reject Claim Admin need to give Rejection Reason, Reference , Comments..
In list page admin can filter list by different fields and also Download Excel File






Day/ Night


Printing and stationery

Postage and courier



ADAMA FARMER CMS IS used to create and maintain data of Crop, Product, Market, Market History, Chat, Farmer Queries, What’s new, etc…
ADMIN, Agent can give a reply to Farmer Queries
In Knowledge Center added BLOG, DEMO VIDEO, TRAINING VIDEO, and POP LINK gives Farmer detail training and demo video for particular things and on new Technology Training demo video useful for a farmer in Farming.


Farmer Profile


Crop Calendar

Farmer Service Center

Market Place (Mandi)

Dealer Locator

Knowledge Center

What’s New?



Is a workflow system that can manage clouds for any application within the company. We have used over 250 companies and large companies ranging from 1,000 employees to small businesses with 10 or fewer employees.


Easy operation

Suitable for smartphone

Overwhelming low price

Cloud service

Fulfilling support

Flexible collaboration